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Craniosacral Therapy

Connecting to your Inner Wisdom to work with the body's natural healing                                                     processes. 

Holding Hands

A Gentle Hands on Approach

To nourish your central nervous system, release restrictions and facilitate the body's natural predisposition to bring itself to balance. 

Image by Darius Bashar

Releasing Stuck Emotions

Craniosacral therapy incorporates a therapeutic process to aid the body in releasing stored trauma, past injuries and negative experiences that the body has retained.

Head Massage

How can Craniosacral therapy help me?

We are not here to just live, but to live well, and to live our best. So if we're in pain, unwell or out of balance we cannot live our lives to the fullest potential. Craniosacral therapy can help you and your body come back to wellness.

My treatments with Laura have gone way deeper than I imagined. Not only on the physical level but mentally too, clearing old blockages from the past. Laura has a beautiful gentle, relaxing and genuinely caring nature to her and this shines through in the treatments. Her passion is for healing through Craniosacral Therapy is very obvious and I highly recommend this therapy to anyone. 

Vanessa Mustchin

Laura's CST is amazing and has helped me with my anxiety. I value enormously my sessions with her.

Louise Williams

I was recommended to have CST by another therapist . I’d never had it before but willing to see how it would effect me , went to Laura and her technique has helped immensely . My recovery from a heart condition , I feel a change I can't explain in a wonderful way of self peace and I do physically feel stronger I don't pretend to understand how it works but it is helping me .

Chris Jarrett

Other Treatments

I offer the following holistic treatments that work alongside Craniosacral Therapy. 

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a hands on treatment that uses universal energy to help rebalance blocked energy within our bodies which helps initiate healing. It

 is a non intrusive and gentle method of harmonising mind, body and spirit.

Spa Day

Ear Candling

Is an ancient practice that had been used for centuries to cleanse the ears both physically and energetically to promote overall good health . Today ear candling is still an effective painless safe way to remove impurities from the ears and helps with pollen and sinus congestion, tinnitus, headaches and migraines and hearing problems.

Treatment Pricing


Craniosacral Therapy

One Hour Session                      £55

One and a Half Hour Session     £75

Reiki Treatment


One Hour Session      £45      

Herbal oil

Ear Candling

30 minute treatment            £25

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