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Two Feathers Medicine for Healthcare Management

A new psycho-spiritual look at avoiding emotional overload in your workforce

Let us help you Care for your Carers
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Your most valuable
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emotional crises that
go unrecognised

You're struggling with high staff turnover. You're tired of seeing your patients or clients suffer because your staff aren't bringing their A game . But have you acknowledged that your staff could be emotionally overwhelmed? Its a physical,  emotional and mentally brutally demanding industry where edgy staff are the result of the  unacknowledged and unhealed emotions they are holding.


You need positive pro-active ways to help your staff deal with emotional overload

At Two Feathers Medicine we recognise the toxicity of stress that develops when people ignore their true feelings. We are skilled in the psycho-spiritual methods to help your workforce self heal and handle emotional overload. We offer a unique way for Healthcare Professionals to heal, recharge and renew themselves.

Sad on Couch

Handling the Vortex of Death

Healthcare Professionals know that empathic carers naturally carry the compassion  required for these situations but the undercurrent of the negative aspects can profoundly affect them.  Some carers have learnt to harden their hearts as an emotional survival technique. As human beings no matter how professional or detached we think we are , death is still a vortex that can suck in pieces and parts of us in our unknowingness. To emotionally survive and thrive in this industry you must be able to bring to balance the unseen aspects of the death of a patient or client and the associated loss it creates. At Two Feathers Medicine we recognise the need for all those involved to be able to get in touch with their true feelings so we offer both transitional techniques for the dying (often called "Soul Midwifery") and  a post transitional grieving package. As managers you need an emotionally balanced workforce if it is to be a fully productive one.

Find out how we can help you help your staff

We offer a solution to the intense stress of being a Healthcare Professional, and to do so we offer a variety of services: coaching, workshops, events, and more.

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