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If you'd like to learn more about yourself and your path and journey in this life, right from where you are now, wherever you live in whatever circumstance. If you'd like to learn more about the vastness that is you, how to communicate with the Unseen world, and give some definition to the unknown without being in fear, not what the media tells you with its limited version of what’s happening in the world, but accessing your own magnificent unlimited inner world and your own reality bubble and creations you are responsible for, then contact me for an individual session .  If this inspires you to know more then I offer Riding the Winds of Change Course which will enable you to Access the Wealth of your Inner Self through shamanic practices. 


A course of six sessions which can be tailored around your journey and timetable. All sessions are individual one to one via zoom or a similar platform and each session is backed up with written documents and action for home study and self-creation.

I can teach you how to access the Unseen in a safe protected environment using ancient sacred practices, in a way to help you understand who you truly are and teach you to be the sovereign arbiter of your own life path.


There are other worlds layered over our world accessible to anyone prepared to put in the time and effort of discovery. Whether you know it or not you’ve been in training from your first birth of all your eternal births to evolve and learn these things. Some choose to, some don’t. There’s no judgement in anyone’s choices.

If this resonates with you maybe now is the time to take your sacred journey to the next level and discover who you really are.

Together let’s access the vastness of who you are.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Introduction into Self Mastery Session

    Begin your Journey
    • A one time online session.
  • Riding the Winds of Change Course

    A journey into sacred self mastery
    • Six Week Shamanic Self Mastery Journey
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