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  • 1 h
  • 55 British pounds
  • Rustington

Service Description

Reiki is a method of drawing in universal energy to help rebalance blocked energy within our bodies which helps initiate healing. It was first introduced by Dr Usuis, although thought to originate in Tibet a few hundred years ago, ancient symbols have been found in Southern India many years before. Quantum physics has begun to understand our universe is an infinite network of energy, Dr Usis mastered how to tap into that energy and use it through his hands and bring about the acceleration of healing. Through this process, Reiki can rebalance an individual, stimulate the immune system, relax and de-stress the body. Bone, blood, skin tissue, emotional energy, lymph etc, all vibrate energetically at different levels. Reiki injects a supply of healing energy to the areas that need it by pushing through the blockages which rebalance the individual to promote healing. When you are attuned you receive three different symbols which assist in power, mental/emotional balance and distant healing. During a treatment, one may feel a slight tingling, heat, or energy, or sometimes nothing at all, just a sense of wellbeing and peace. After a Reiki session, the body's energy system may be running at optimum level. It is best to try and rest, drink water throughout the day and not allow caffeine, alcohol or other toxins into the body. Reiki is not a belief system, cult or religion Reiki has no harmful side effects Anybody can be initiated Reiki works with animals and children.

Contact Details

  • Rustington, UK


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