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Welcome to Two Feathers Medicine! I have a passion to help the world heal by teaching sacred self-mastery through shamanic practices. I facilitate a process that provides a spiritual toolbox and support, to grow awareness and experience of sacred living, through shamanic teachings. I can show how to discover the wealth of your inner self and how to access unseen worlds in a safe and protected environment using ancient and modern sacred practices. My aim is to help you remember who you truly are and teach you to be the sovereign arbiter of your own life path. Let your journey into a self empowered way of living, begin here.


Exploring the Unknown

Do you want to discover your Inner Shaman? As a shamanic practitioner and teacher I can show you how to discover who you really are, working through the layers of conditioning and programming and aligning to a more natural way of being and living from the heart.


Together lets explore your journey into sacred self mastery

You have struggled with certain difficulties your whole life. You've tried to use affirmations, but they just don't seem to work. With Two Feathers Medicine Teachings I can show you how to get fully in touch with your spiritual self. Gain the knowledge to out create a mediocre life into one of joy, peace and abundance. If you don't want a the full Riding the Winds of Change Course then book a session with me so I  can help you get going on your journey.


Sacred Site Tours and Ceremonies

Living on the edge of the Southdowns National Park in the UK has given me access to many sacred sites some hidden and mostly unknown . If you would like to come and explore these with me, contact me below

Mountain lake

Are you ready to Ride the Winds of Change?

Many people who are on a spiritual path feel disconnected and stuck in mediocre practices. My shamanic course Riding the Winds of Change is tailored around your individual needs with plenty of backup material included so you can learn your own sacred art of life. Learning shamanic practices will heal, transform, and teach you how to live a life that is at peace with the world. 

About me

 Hi, I'm Laura Massey

My consciously aware shamanic path began about 10 years ago learning

energy healing and Reiki. Since then the many mystical experiences on

my journey have shown me the variety of the Unseen Worlds and how

we can work with them in a Sacred way. I recognise my shamanic practices

as a way of life: My Living Prayer . I’m an Ancestral Medium , Reiki and

Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner,  a Dowser , Psychic Surgery Practitioner 

and a Director of and practitioner in Combined Healing Therapy Systems.

I was one of the editing team of The Galactic Historian Book :

The World According to Andrew Bartzis and completed his two year

Mentorship in Advanced Spiritual Practices and Self Mastery including

medicine journeys . I formed Two Feathers Medicine as an anchor for my 

shamanic teachings and as a holistic response to those seeking alternative

or complementary solutions in any walk of life where mainstream

conventional resources are not meeting their needs.

 Along with Andrew Bartzis and Dale Tobin we currently offer day and week

sessions for our Combined Healing Therapies in York, UK and I offer Self

Empowerment classes and sessions, including specialised shamanic

training,  online  . I offer my continued service and skills with the aim of bringing people to their own self mastery underpinned by a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Combined Healing Therapy

                     Are you ready to invest in your healing like never before? Body, mind and spirit?

                                      Are you ready to discover the wonders of self illumination? 

To rebalance and develop your consciousness. To experience the wellness that Combined Therapies can bring?


                                                    Then come on this Journey of Healing with us.

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