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Combined Healing Therapy



                                Are you ready to invest in your healing like never before?

                                                             Body, mind and spirit ?

                                 Are you ready to discover the wonders of self illumination?

                                          To rebalance and develop your consciousness.

                            To experience the wellness that Combined Therapies can bring?


                                         Then come on this Journey of Healing with us.



What are Combined Therapies?


They are the very best of ancient and modern healing modalities performed consecutively to allow the body to unwind, relax and open up to accept the deepest form of healing, bringing balance and full flow of the life force that is available to us.


The continuous treatment sessions are necessary to override our parasympathetic, which holds our deepest fear programming. All of our most profound conditioning that keeps us in adrenal fight or flight mode without heart access. With continuous treatments the parasympathetic is commanded to let down. An example of combined healing is craniosacral therapy whilst under the Lucia Light. This creates a symbiosis of healing between the light and the practitioner creating rapid unwinding of the neck fascia and deep somatic releases with enhanced visual journeying.


There are additional ways to combine therapies, for example the flotation pod and the PEMF mat compliment one another greatly as one hour of each gives the equivalent of 16 hours of deep delta sleep. The float allows heavy unwinding from the cranial sacral therapy. Whilst the PEMF mat detoxes the blood, creating a symbiosis between the float, the PEMF mat and the cranial sacral therapy. This combination creates a euphoric healing state that intensifies the work we do as healer practitioners many fold.


Our Combined Therapies include:

- CranioSacral Therapy

- Lucia Light No 3 Therapy

- PEMF Mat

- Intensive Massage Gun Therapy

- Hematite Magnetic and Crystal Therapy

- Flotation Therapy ( Sensory Deprivation)

- Infrared Sauna

- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

- Shamanic treatments can be interwoven within the sessions.

For more information visit our website


Combined Therapies Intensive Healing will now be in York June 6th to 14th 2024

We Offer:

A One Day Introductory Combined Therapy Package,

Here’s our Basic Package so you may get to experience the potency of our unique combination of intensive healing modalities all in one day.


What you recieve:

5 hours of treatments.

-Lucia Light


-Hematite Magnetic Therapy

-Cranio Sacral Therapy

-Hyperbolt Deep Tissue Massage

-1 hour Float

-Half hour Infrared Sauna


£1250 GBP

Contact Laura for bookings 

Here’s a testimonial from our last event: “Hi Laura, just wanted to Thank you all again for a day of miracles. Words aren’t enough for the gratitude I have for you all. I think it would of taking me my whole time life to do what you did in a day. Sam : )”



Two Day Introductory Combined Therapy Package

With combined therapies the treatments build on one another increasing the potency of the treatments as they progress. This same applies for multiple days as the previous days healing allows for not only greater relaxation but exponentially increasing depth and penetration during the following day.


10 hours of treatments over two days.

-Lucia Light

-Psychic Surgery


-Hematite Magnetic Therapy

-Cranio Sacral Therapy

-Hyperbolt Deep Tissue Massage

-2 hour Float

-1 hour Infrared Sauna


Price £2500 GBP.

Contact Laura for bookings 



Three Day Advanced Psychic Surgery Package


An incredible collaboration of healing techniques integrating all the technological and holistic healing systems. An orchestra of healing frequencies which merge the best of the tried and tested of the ancient and modern scientific and spiritual techniques.


15 hours of treatments over 3 days

-3x 1 hour float

-2x 1 hour Infrared Sauna and Body Scanning

-10 hours of Lucia Light and PEMF Mat with the following :

-Psychic Surgery

-Cranio Sacral Therapy

-Trauma Release

-Ancestral Balancing

-Natural Hematite and Crystal Magnetic Therapy

-Contact Revocations and Contract Invocations

-Light Language

-Prayer and Vision Training


Price £3750 GBP

Contact Laura for bookings 



5 Day Intensive Combined Therapy Package


Absolutely full of all the healing modalities we can provide! Here is where we can begin to personalise the experience for you as we progress through the five days

You will recieve an incredible 25 hours of treatments!

-3 hours of Infrared Sauna and Body Scanning

-5 hours hyperbaric oxygen therapy

-5 hours Floatation

-12 hours of Lucia Light and PEMF Mat with the following :

-Psychic Surgery

-Cranio Sacral Therapy

-Facial Unwinding

-Trauma Release

-Ancestral Balancing

-Natural Hematite and Crystal Magnetic Therapy

-Contact Revocations and Contract Invocations

-Light Language

-Prayer and Vision Training


-Private Meditation time whilst on the Lucia Light


Price £6250 GBP

Contact Laura for bookings here


Testimonial from Lily “The combined therapies treatment is a remarkable healing modality unlike any I've experienced before. For my treatment I experienced the float and Lucia light along side treatments from Laura and Maty. They worked together in complete flow, a perfectly balanced orchestra, allowing a powerful flow and movement of energy through my system. I felt deeply held in love and compassion through the whole experience which allowed me to open to a deeper healing, the experiences of the light itself is hard to put into words, it is a primordial, cellular experience of lifeforce & light. I have immense gratitude for this healing and can highly reccomend this to anyone needing a big healing or reset.”


What are our therapies?

Lucia light

With the Lucia Light you become a traveller of light! Close your eyes and drop deep to discover how your own body technology experiences the wide spectrum impulses of the Lucia Light. This is an invitation into a deeply powerful recalibrating experience, taking you into an expanded state of consciousness so you can connect to that source space within.


You will gain that heart-mind connection that brings great balance. Putting the nervous system into deep relaxation whilst expanding your state of awareness, allowing the releasing of stuck energy, trauma and unhealthy mental thought loops. Activating the pineal gland and filling the body with photonic light. The Lucia Light invites us to experience different states of consciousness.


Light reaches all throughout the cellular structures inviting you to let go of any resistance, creating a life changing experience that will be unique to you. Allowing your knowingness to expand. This treatment carries you into unknown potentialities to reveal more of your Red Road Walk.


Please note:

As this is a hypnagogic light experience the following are excluded:

-Children and adolescents under 18 years of age

-Persons with mental limitations

-Persons under the influence of drugs, alcohol, medication etc

-Pregnant women

-Persons with known psychic or neurological problems.


PEMF Mat (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

A body life force battery recharger! This comprehensive proven technology works by delivering magnetic pulses into the body and entraining all the body cells into the earth's natural frequency. Stimulating natural healing processes.


We can all carry disharmonious frequencies, be it trauma or an illness, or just generally feeling out of balance . The intensity and frequency of the pulsing can be adjusted for your personalised experience. It encourages the brain to mimic these signals to promote harmonic healing. Giving enhanced physical and mental health. You can expect increased energy levels. Pain relief and Improved circulation. The mat alleviates stress and rejuvenates damaged and injured cells, creating a deep relaxation of the central nervous system as the autonomic nervous system lets down. This allows you to experience deep levels of inner healing, balancing of ancestral energies and the releasing of those stuck programmes.



When combined with the other therapies a new level of healing is reached as the allowance of these natural frequencies can flow deep into cellular structures and blood flow bringing the frequencies of unity and a deep peace as your light field becomes a vibrational match for the healing and your needs of the moment.


Floatation Therapy

This is sensory deprivation therapy that is intensely relaxing. You float at skin temperature in highly enriched Epsom Salt water. Providing a total floating experience in a pod uniquely designed for this purpose. Distractions and instant gratifications fade as you immerse yourself and eventually have no distinction between your body and the water. Our greatest connection to our divine source self was in the womb, this can potentially recreate that experience as you let down, let go and relax into a deep state of expanded consciousness and inner awareness and introspection. Here we regain our lost source connection and reconnect to the buried inner feelings that are often shut out, overlooked and hidden in our busy earthy lives. You can become a no time traveller again and enter other worlds and realities that your body, mind, soul and heart are choosing. This deprivation experience encourages the heart-mind connection many so deeply desire.


A true source of well being. The water is saturated with a potent 700kg solution of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate), creating an environment that allows your body to float effortlessly. Enriched Epsom salt infuses your body with essential minerals, helping to dissolve tension, instil deep relaxation, and unlock a sense of vibrant energy within you. The Epsom salts used in the tanks are a source of magnesium, which can be absorbed through the skin. Magnesium plays several roles in the body, including muscle and nerve function. The high magnesium content in the Epsom salt solution is particularly beneficial for conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Arthritic pain. When you're floating in the tank, your body isn't subjected to the usual pressures of gravity. This can help relieve tension and strain on muscles, joints, and bones, which may be beneficial during recovery from certain injuries. It reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow.


CranioSacral Therapy


This is an intensive yet non-invasive hands on treatment. Relaxing the central nervous system and the whole body. From the fascia through to the membranes, muscles and skeletal system and deep into the cellular structure. So that a whole body recalibration, balancing and release occurs.

A speciality of CST is SomatoEmotional release where the therapist works with the client to release Energy Cysts or emotional blockages. Often this can happen spontaneously as the treatment progresses. This also allows for ancestral healing and balancing. Facial unwinding along with the CST session is a release that gently invites deep seated trauma to the surface to be brought to balance. CST is a very deeply relaxing treatment that facilitates combined therapies for profound healing, mind, body and soul.


Hematite and crystal therapy


Hematite is a naturally occuring stone that is magnetic. The hematite we use has been turned into a usable shape allowing us to join them to create a magnetic highway on and around the body. Amplifiying the bodies natural magnetic and etheric fields, allowing deeper penetration for the practitioner to clear what needs to be cleared. In combination with the mat and/or light they also act as an amplification process for the already powerful healing energies. Crystals are added to further ampily this process as needed.



To book or for further details contact Laura Massey via email at: or by phone at +447709061540.  *Individually Designed Packages also Available*

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